I  r  r  i  g  a  t  i  o  n

Squirts Irrigation Hints For Common Problems

System stuck on?

Most irrigation systems have an isolation (shut-off) valve. This is most likely housed in a box with a green lid near the SA Water meter, or next to/inside the box that houses the solenoids.

  1. Turn off the water at the isolation valve (this will shut off the irrigation and maintain supply to the rest of your property)
  2. If you cannot find an isolation valve -Turn off the water supply at the meter
  3. Call us on  0404 661 294

We will attend as soon as we can and, at least, cap off the system so that you can still shower etc.

If we cannot locate an isolation valve it would be wise to install one, complete with a Back-flow Prevention Valve (now required by law).

Controller Malfunction?

If this does not work, call us on 0404 661 294

Sometimes due to power spikes or outages automatic controllers can 'glitch'. This can manifest as a blank display or even a jumbled looking display.

Don't panic.

Most controllers have a reset buttons for such instances (you'll need to reprogram the controller once you reset). If depressing the button does not make it behave, try this -

  1.  Remove any battery back-up in the controller
  2. Turn controller off at the power point - wait a few minutes to allow residual power to leech out of the unit
  3. Turn controller back on at the power outlet and press the reset button again